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Kaabil’ special screening review: It’s Hrithik Roshan’s best film, feels B -Town

If we go by the words of veterans like Shabana Azmiand Prem Chopra, ‘Kaabil’ is Hrithik Roshan‘s best film by far and will set a new trend in cinema.

The 43-year-old actor, yesterday, held a special screening for his near and dear ones, which was attended by B-Town celebs like Prem Chopra, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Shabana Azmi and others.

Spotted at the screening were former wife Sussane Khan, children Hrehaan and Hridhaan, Zayed Khan, Rakesh Roshan, Yami Gautam and other friends and family. Post-screening, when they were asked for reactions, here’s what the celebs had to say:

“It is a beautiful film. Such film should run and will run. It will create a new trend in cinema,” said Prem Chopra.

Shabana Azmi felt, “The film is fantastic and Hrithik Roshan was brilliant. It will be a huge hit, but Hrithik was unbelievable. It’s by far his best film. All the departments, Sanjay Gupta, Ronit, Yami, did their job well, but ultimately its Hrithik’s film.”

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh too appreciated the movie and the latter said, “The film is outstanding. It is Hrithik’s best film.”

Ex-wife Sussane Khan, who has always been supportive, even post-split, shared her happiness and stated, “The film is unbelievable. You will go mad if you see it.”

Father and producer of the movie, Rakesh Roshan felt humbled with all the appreciations the movie received, “It is Hrithik’s best performance; not because he is my son, but as an actor, he has excelled himself to a different limit that will inspire other actors and actresses.”




Coffee With D
Cast: Sunil Grover, Anjana Sukhani, Zakir Hussain
Director: Vishal Mishra
Rating: 1.5/5

Coffee With D Review, Rating And Live Audience Response

A prime timeTV journalist, who used to be his channel’s most watched face, has become so infamous for his temper and shouting at the guests that the channel head threatens to shift him to another time slot. Before you take a wild guess, his name is Arnab Ghosh (Sunil Grover), and he is under severe pressure to perform or perish.

During one of his spirited chats with his pregnant wife, Parul (Anjana Sukhani), she gives him the idea of interviewing D (Zakir Hussain), one of Interpol’s most wanted criminals.

But the dreaded don has other plans for this live interview—killing Arnab on live TV could be one of them.

The film, which sounds promising, starts to falter right after the opening credits.

It begins as a satire and then tries to acquire the tone of a serious debate and then keeps oscillating between two extremes.

Inside the newsroom, which looks more like a start-up office, we meet aTOP news-writer, Neha (Dipannita Sharma), who runs a cookery show and has ambiguous morality. There are paperboys who double up as cameramen and pantry staff, and news producers, who steal each other’s ideas.

Tacky production isn’t exactly a crime if the content is engaging. Sadly that’s not the case here, and you end up pointing out disinterested, sleepwalking actors.

Sunil Grover provides a sensible touch to his Arnab, but fails miserably at humour, something he is really good at. Anjana Sukhani is at more ease than him. As a crime show loving high-on-hormones woman, she is the mostNATURAL of the lot.

A caricatured D and his antics, coupled with bad sound designing, make Coffee With D end nowhere close to a fun film it could have been.

Final Wolverine 3 Trailer Is Coming This Thursday

There’s a great deal of anticipation for Hugh Jackman’s last turn as Wolverine in Logan. This means that many are waiting for the next trailer that we knew was coming. Now we know exactly when we’ll get a chance to see it. One of the international divisions of 20th Century Fox has confirmed that the trailer will be hitting on Thursday morning 6am PT/9am ET.


We knew there was a trailer on its way because the individual frames of that trailer were being mailed out to fans who signed up on a website a couple weeks back. While some of us who signed up are still waiting for their frame to arrive in the mail (if the mailman stole my frame I’m going to hurt him) it appears that all of the frames will be available to check out soon. The Taiwan division of Fox tweeted out (via Trailer Track) that the new trailer will hit there on Friday, which, accounting for timezones would have it debuting here on Thursday. Fox traditionally releases their trailers at 6 am pacific time, so that’s when we can expect what will probably be the film’s final trailer, considering the movie comes out in just a couple more months.

There were 1,974 frames of the trailer sent out to fans, which, at a standard 24 frames per second, puts the trailer at just over 80 seconds long. That’s not a lot of time considering how much about Logan we still don’t really know. We’ve seen Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and the little girl he will be protecting but we still haven’t seen exactly who or what it is he will be protecting her from. We know the answers to those questions because we’ve been following the news, but the marketing has yet to let us in on that. We’d love to get a look at some of these characters and get some detail about how they will fit into the story as a whole.

At the end of the day, however, it really doesn’t matter how much about Logan we actually know going in. It looks to be one of the most dramatic comic book movies ever made. Ryan Reynolds has said that the film could be the one that takes the genre to the next level and makes them the sort of films that get considered for major awards, if Deadpool hasn’t already accomplished that, of course.

Make sure to visit Cinema Blend on Thursday morning to be one of the first to see the final trailer for Logan ahead of the film’s release in theaters March 3. We’ll have the trailer up as quickly as possible, followed by in-depth analysis of what it shows us about Hugh Jackman’s final turn as Wolverine.

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